Electro Loops


Electro Loops are a must have for every ElectroSex kit.

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Electro Loops are a must have for every ElectroSex kit.  Each loop is a single electrode so you will need at least 2 loops or 1 loop and another electrode to complete the circuit.

Conductive rubber is a very unusual product. Normally rubber is an insulator, but this product has been specially developed to conduct electricity. The result is a soft smooth and flexible material tube that gives good electrical contact without hot spots and is comfortable and easy to use.

The Conductive rubber loops are supplied with a spring loaded collar the does not pinch the skin.  You can create a snug fit around the penis, testicles, nipples, or toes. Loops also make a great anal insertable for those who want anal stimulation without having something large inside.

Simply slip each loop over the penis, etc and gently pull to tighten. If using 2 loops, connect the positive lead to one and the negative to the other for a complete circuit.