Couples Session – Introductory (with Tric & Monee)


One hour session with both Tric & Monee. Choose your session type.

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This is private one hour session designed for couples. Tric & Monee will show you how to connect in ways you never thought possible and show you how to manifest the things you want in life though your new found connection to each other. If you are new to tantra, an introductory session working with the chakras is important. We will take time together to do some energy work in helping you identifying them, and then begin to “feel” where the energy is blocked or restricted. This type of tantric work is considered “healing”.  You don’t need to be a newbee to benefit from a healing session, as we can have things happen in our lives that affect how we flow energy. The receiver disrobes and lays on a massage table and giver remains clothed during these sessions.  A container is created and boundaries are set prior to the tantric session.  Your session is provided in the same room for both of you.

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Tantric Energy Work, ElectroSex, SexMagic

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