Couples Session – Intermediate (with Tric & Monee)


One hour intermediate couples session with both Tric & Monee.

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This is private one hour intermediate session designed for couples. Tric & Monee will show you how to connect in ways you never thought possible and show you how to manifest the things you want in life though your new found connection to each other. If you are already familiar with the chakras and have flowed energy through them, finding blockages, and releasing them, then you will find great benefit from our intermediate sessions.  In these ecstatic sessions you will be taken to higher and higher levels of ecstasy beyond sexuality. Through massage, synced breathing and the flow of energy from the giver to the receiver, this session opens your body, mind and spirt up to fully releasing and letting go. It starts with the outer body and moves to the inner body.  It is designed in stages and can go as far as you want it to go.  The receiver disrobes and lays on a massage table and the giver either remains clothed or may disrobe at your request during these sessions. Mutual touch is allowed.  For women, a Yoni massage is a part of this session, and for men a Lingam massage is a part of this session.  Couples sessions are conducted in the same room.

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Tantric Energy Work, ElectroSex, SexMagic

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