A Kinky Infusion Party is a place for you to get kinky and explore all your fantasies.

We are excited to be holding MONTHLY parties that are designed to be better than any other house party you’ve ever attended.  We want these parties to be all about YOU.  When you come to one of our parties, we want you leave your inhibitions at the door and enter a world of discovery and debauchery.

We will open up the Dungeon and Playroom where dozens of BDSM implements from floggers to cuffs and harnesses to strap ons are available for you to use. Tric and Monee will be participating all night not only showing partiers how to use the implements, but using them as well.

We’ll prepare the incredible infusion of food and drink. Food and drink options will change each month. But, every month you will find something you have never seen or tried before. It is truly a food and drink adventure. Desert is served at 9PM and that is when the fun begins.

We’ll create an atmosphere where you’ll want to test your limits and open your boundaries.  All you do is have fun and let go! Doors open at 7PM. No-one is admitted after 10PM because that is when partiers can strip off all their inhibitions.

We’ll also be signing up couples who are interested in learning about ElectroSex and being part of a SexMagic ritual.

YOU are the focus of every party.

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